A conference with the title "Savoir pour agir: la statistique publique au service des citoyens" (Knowledge to act: public statistics at the service of the citizens), was held in Luxembourg on 20 October 2015, the World Statistics Day.

Co-organized with Eurostat, the goal of this conference was to bring together official statisticians and the different user groups of these statistics in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the national and European statistical output, of the clarity and the accessibility of data and the service provided to the users.


The agenda was divided in two main sessions. The morning session started with the presentation of the newly created Luxembourg statistical company, followed by two presentations on big data.


The afternoon session started with three short presentations on the following topics:

  • STATEC’s user satisfaction and reputation surveys,
  • ESAC’s view on “What users want (and what they need to know)”, and
  • Eurostat’s approach to “strengthen the dialogue with users”.


The highlight of the day was a round table, moderated by a journalist, with 5 representatives from the domains of education, research, consulting, private enterprises and media.

During the round table, the audience (about 100 participants) contributed to the discussion that revealed some encouraging facts:

An overall high level of satisfaction with the service provided by official statistics has been acknowledged.

  • The delegate of the education sector testified that the “Education section” on STATEC’s Internet portal and general publications like “Luxembourg in figures” or Eurostat’s handbooks would cover the main needs of teachers and students.
  • University and public research centres need specific and very detailed information. This information is provided through bilateral agreements and access to micro-data in STATEC’s safe centre.
  • The opinion of the media in Luxembourg is rather positive, as plenty of information and metadata are available online. The telephone helpdesk is highly appreciated as for the daily media the search on the web is often too time-consuming.

STATEC and Eurostat welcomed the high number of participants and the interesting exchange with users of official statistics. The success of the conference encourages Eurostat to continue organising user conferences in a half-year cycles together with the NSI chairing the EU Council Working Party on Statistics.