Dear Colleagues,

As the Luxembourg Presidency ends soon, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Italian and the Latvian Presidencies for their input, the delegates from all Member States for their continuous support, the Commission (Eurostat) for its active cooperation during the past six months and the European Parliament for its constructive negotiations that helped to reach significant progress.

The Luxembourg Presidency has achieved that the final compromise between the parties on the HICP file has successfully been endorsed by COREPER, paving the way for the votes in the Council and in the European Parliament. The negotiations on this file resulted in a balanced compromise allowing for further completion of the HICP, while guaranteeing an approach based on methodological work and prior studies in order to safeguard the quality of the indices.

During the last trilogue in Strasbourg, the Presidency managed to find an agreement on the balance of payments file with the European Parliament and the Commission, which allowed concluding the discussions at the political level.

The Presidency invested much effort in both transports files; while there has been progress on these dossiers, the positions of the parties were too distant to reach an agreement under our Presidency.

As the conclusion of the Extrastat file was dependent on the negotiations on the new inter-institutional agreement, unfortunately no progress could be achieved on this file.

The handover meeting between the outgoing and the incoming Trio Presidencies took place on 17 December in Luxembourg. I wish the Dutch Presidency and the following Presidencies great success in their work. 

Finally, I would like to address special thanks to the Council Secretariat, the Council Legal Service and our Presidency team for their hard work over the past six months.

Dr Serge Allegrezza


STATEC – Statistics Luxembourg